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DotA v6.83i LoD

Сообщение LeTruck » 03 июн 2015, 22:10:23

DotA v6.83i LoD

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Скрытый текст
Fixed shift-selling abuse
Fixed Doom not being deniable
Possible fix for rare cases of Doom / Duel permasilence
Unus, Duos, Tertius and Denique will now clear any subspells if you don't have the mainspell anymore (Ethereal Jaunt, etc)
Fixed Leech Seed not slowing
Fixed Thundergod's Wrath cooldown in scoreboard being wrong
Fixed Earthbind hitting allies and being considered self-damage
Fixed Starfall delayed hit hitting yourself in some cases
Fixed Heartstopper Aura not working on ancient units
Fixed Power Cogs still giving bounty
Fixed illusions proccing Maelstrom and Mjöllnir
Fixed cooldown of items resetting if they were dropped by Spirit Bear
Fixed Infernal's Flaming Fist AoE damaging allies
Fixed Borrowed Time's CD being too low
Fixed Bounty runes not giving correct gold/exp
Fixed -repick not costing 100g (SD/AP modes)
Workaround for invincible heroes, invincible heroes will now be attempted to be recreated
Fixed Blademail not reflecting all damage (now only ignores damage from wards and mines)
Balance & Features
Implemented 6.83 Rikimaru:
Implemented 6.83 Phantom Lancer:
Overwhelming Odds CD from 18 to 13s
Shadow Dance manacost from 120 to 150/200/250, duration from 4 to 3s
Fire Show now deals bonus damage in the AoE based on half of the sum of all your and the target's Strength, Intelligence and Agility
Adaptiveness moved from Space Orc to Ogre Lord
Space Orc has a new ultimate: Mind Control: (ID: A46J)
Casts a dark magic spell on the target AoE of 350, giving you control of different types of enemies for 20 seconds, limit of 6 targets. The controlled units have 30% bonus movementspeed.
CD: 50s, Manacost: 100/150/200, Cast Range: 1000

Reverted bugged heroes recreation script
Fixed Doppelwalk not selecting illusions from other sources
Doppelwalk cast range from 600 to 750
Mind Control now has a limit of 2 ancients (still limit of 6 for everything else)

Level 1: Mindcontrols lane and forest creeps
Level 2: Mindcontrols lane, forest creeps and illusions
Level 3: Mindcontrols lane, forest creeps, illusions and ancient units

УБРАН МОД SO На этих двух модах!
new short modes (HCL):
-rm1: mdd2s6fnfrboulscduabrcffma
-rm2: sdd3s6fnfrebulscduabrcffma

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DotA v6.83i LoD



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